Amy focuses her practice structuring and negotiating complex commercial agreements that enable clients to implement their business objectives efficiently and effectively while protecting their intellectual property interests in valuable technology assets.

Clients appreciate the practical and knowledgeable legal advice that Amy provides based on more than 30 years of experience both in-house and through a sophisticated law firm practice. She knows how to complete projects in ways that meet clients’ business objectives through collaborative problem-solving and risk mitigation. Deep experience with client technical teams enables Amy to translate novel and highly technical product and service requirements into successful contractual relationships that withstand the test of rapidly developing technical landscapes.

Her experience with both Fortune 50 as well as startup companies allows Amy to see the legal implications of business relationships through various stages of client growth.  Because Amy has represented clients on both sides of transactions, she can help clients understand the issues from different perspectives. This enables clients to enter into contracts that favorably implement their commercial and technical priorities and manage legal risk, and at the same time maintain positive business relationships with partners.

Her experience covers a broad range of commercial contracts, which includes agreements for the development of new technologies (e.g., design, processes, materials and components) and services (e.g., platform, website and applications); academic research; procurement of hardware components; device manufacturing; equipment and infrastructure purchases; hardware and software purchases; software licensing; cloud services; software as a service (SaaS); retail and channel distribution; vendor services; data services and hosting; marketing agreements and other product and service launch agreements. Amy also works with her clients to develop and implement internal tools and strategies for managing contracts across their supply chains and customer bases. 

Amy founded Ragen Swan PLLC, which joined Shook on June 1, 2021. Before founding Ragen Swan, Amy was commercial counsel for a technology company and also worked as a private law firm partner.