Shook Senior Counsel to Present FDA Notice of Action Webinar

If the FDA decides to examine or sample products, a Notice of FDA Action will be issued to the importer of record, consignee and filer. Businesses are often left wondering how to respond as the Actions are written in a way that can be confusing and assumes recipients fully know FDA import regulations and processes. 

Senior Counsel John Johnson will present the webinar, “So Now What? 5 Best Practices for Responding to an FDA Notice of Action,” April 2 from 12:00–1:00 p.m. CT. In this webinar, sponsored by the NCBFAA Educational Institute, Johnson will inform on understanding and responding to such notices. 

Johnson has spent a decade guiding the import community through the FDA import process and representing importers in countless import hearings. He focuses his practice on working with companies to develop and implement practical and cost-effective solutions for complying with the laws administered by government agencies.