John works with companies to develop and implement practical and cost-effective solutions for complying with the laws administered by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other federal and state agencies. He works with manufacturers, distributors, brand owners, importers and retailers of food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and animal products to satisfy their regulatory obligations. 

John also represents companies before FDA and other government agencies subject to inspections or compliance activities, including a judicial action, Warning Letter, Untitled Letter, regulatory meeting, administrative detention, import detention and import alert, and FDA Form 483. Additionally, he helps companies evaluate complaints to determine if a recall is necessary, and if so, he works with clients to manage the product recall to remove the product from market while minimizing any disturbance to the business. In his representation, he advocates for clients while also seeking to improve their relationships with regulators. 

John counsels clients throughout the product life cycle, including product development and specifications; marketing and labeling; registrations, permits, licenses and pre-market submissions; and manufacturing, importation, distribution and sales. He works with clients about the federal rulemaking process involving potential regulatory changes, the impact on their business, and ways to be involved in the regulation process. In his counseling, he provides regulatory advice that is tailored to the client’s business and marketing objectives for the product. Also, he works with clients to create, implement and maintain internal programs to help foster smooth compliance.

Representative Matters

Negotiated a consent decree with the Department of Justice concerning threatened litigation to enforce FDA requirements and assisted the client’s company in complying with the decree.

Resolved FDA Warning Letters for seafood manufacturers through guiding them on how to improve their food safety program and effectively demonstrating the improvements to FDA.

Developed compliance program for a manufacturer to successfully import materials to manufacture an unapproved drug product and export it to the market where it was approved.

Developed importers’ compliance program to satisfy the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) requirement for imported foods, which were successfully inspected by FDA.

Managed the recall of seasonal product during the holidays, while minimizing disruption to business.

Handled the import hold of approximately 100 separate shipments, coordinating with the manufacturer, multiple importers, third parties and FDA to obtain an import release for the individual shipments. Concurrently petitioned FDA to lift the import alert that caused the import detentions.

Persuaded FDA that clients’ products comply with the law, despite FDA’s initial allegation of non-compliance, through identifying FDA error in the science, product characteristics or law, and then concisely explaining this to the agency. 

Challenged government “guidance” that failed to comply with the notice-and-comment rulemaking requirement in the Administrative Procedure Act.

Conducted U.S. Customs classification for FDA-regulated products, including identifying possible duty-savings measures. 


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