ALM Reports on Shook Win in Half-Decade FTC Battle

ALM featured a Shook win for clients facing almost seven years of litigation over charges from the Federal Trade Commission. In “Federal Judge Throws Out FTC’s Suit Against Former Discount Club Marketers,” ALM reports on the multi-week bench trial rejecting the FTC’s pursuit of a permanent injunction which threatened to effectively and permanently ban Shook’s clients from marketing and selling products over the internet and telephone.

“It is extremely rare for defendants to take an enforcement action to trial against the FTC and even more rare for defendants to emerge victorious,” stated Shook Partner Michael Mallow, who served as lead trial counsel. “The ruling by the Court is a momentous occasion for our clients and marks the end of a very long, difficult and unnecessary saga in our clients’ lives.”

Shook Associate Attorney Caroline Gieser was part of the winning trial team. 

The case is Federal Trade Commission v. Hornbeam Special Situations LLC, No. 17-03094 (N.D. Georgia, March 22, 2024).