Since joining the firm in 2005, Hunter has represented pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, repackagers and retailers in large multi-district litigations and in individual actions. Hunter has significant experience managing, directing and coordinating complex litigation through joint-defense groups and local counsel across jurisdictions. She regularly handles a wide range of litigation activities, including discovery, motion practice, fact and expert witness preparation and depositions.

Hunter has a strong background in the biomedical sciences, including biochemistry, molecular genetics, microbiology and immunology. Her education and research experience has proven invaluable in anticipating and analyzing complex and, sometimes, novel scientific and medical issues affecting her clients. Hunter has been involved in developing expert testimony at the state and national levels, and has worked with experts in cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, clinical toxicology and pharmacology.

Hunter’s recent engagements include: 

  • representation of a private-label distributor, repackager and various retail pharmacies in a nationwide, multidistrict products liability litigation arising out of the precautionary recall of a generic cardiac medication; and 
  • representation of a pharmaceutical manufacturer of a topical immunomodulator in a nationwide products liability litigation arising out of product labeling revisions.


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