Sarah focuses on defending products liability litigation. She has acted for a major U.K. pharmaceutical PLC in one of the largest U.K. product liability group actions and has a detailed knowledge of the law and practice of pharmaceutical/products liability litigation in the U.K.

Sarah has also spent a significant amount of time in the United States gaining experience with U.S. litigation. She has worked on product liability cases in a number of European jurisdictions.

In addition to products liability litigation, Sarah has considerable experience in commercial litigation. She has acted in a wide range of contract disputes for a variety of clients in engineering, chemical and construction industries.


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Sarah co-hosted a webinar organized by the London office of Shook, Hardy & Bacon entitled Changes Impacting US Business: UK Insurance and EU Data Protection in which she set out the implications of the new stricter EU General Data Protection Regulation, focusing on how the extraterritorial reach of this legislation will impact companies outside Europe. (April 2016)