Erin has a nationwide practice, primarily defending a Fortune 500 company sued for product and premises liability. She defends individual and mulitiparty personal injury, wrongful death and property damage claims across the country, with a focus on litigation in New York. These cases have given Erin the opportunity to practice in different settings throughout the country, and to develop state-specific experience in New York. Erin’s experience includes initial case assessment and negotiations, coordinating discovery, deposing witnesses, drafting and arguing pre-trial motions, and working closely with the client to reach favorable outcomes, including settlements and mediations. Erin primarily represents clients on a flat-fee alternative billing arrangement, which provides her with a unique perspective for handling matters efficiently and practically while achieving client objectives. 

Erin represents clients on a pro bono basis as well. She has represented federal and state prisoners in a number of criminal and civil matters. Before joining Shook, Erin lived in Washington, D.C., where she was an antitrust associate at a top-ranked global law firm. There, she defended clients in all stages of the Hart-Scott-Rodino merger review process and helped obtain merger clearance for a number of large mergers. Erin is an alumna of the George Washington University Law School and clerked for the late Hon. Lawrence Margolis on the United States Court of Federal Claims.