Michael represents people and businesses in the construction, insurance, architecture, alarm and auto industries. He has helped clients navigate initial case assessment, pleadings, written and deposition discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, trial preparation, trials and appeals in both state and federal court. Michael has also provided legal analysis and efficient motion practice in mass arbitration cases involving thousands of claimants. 

Before practicing law, Michael taught philosophy, logic and history courses at the University of Kansas and the University of Saint Mary. He earned a Ph.D. after defending a natural law understanding of ethics and morality, which placed historical thinkers like Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas in dialogue with many of today’s foremost philosophers. He continues to research and publish in the fields of philosophy, ethics and public policy, and has held various fellowships in recognition of his academic accomplishments. 

Michael served as a judicial clerk for Judge L. Steven Grasz on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals before coming to Shook. While a clerk, Michael worked on a wide variety of cases—wrongful death, crop damage, insurance contracts, criminal procedure, death penalty, copyright, bankruptcy, and more. Michael has used the skills and experience developed during his clerkship to advance the interests of clients, both at the trial-court and appellate level.


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