Alex focuses her practice on product liability, with an emphasis on tobacco-related matters. She handles all aspects of litigation, including drafting and argument of pleadings, motions and discovery. 

Working primarily as a senior associate for three jurisdictional teams handling Engle-Progeny cases in Florida and a team handling smoking-and-health cases in Nevada, Alex helps devise case strategy, participates in discovery hearings and conducts fact witness depositions. In addition, she has been on multiple Engle trial teams throughout Florida, where she has assisted with drafting opening and closing arguments, preparing cross-examination outlines for fact witnesses, and participating in the charge conference, among other tasks. 

Alex also is a member of the legal issues team, where she  prepares pretrial and trial motions, briefs and dispositive motions for smoking-and-health cases. In addition to her product liability work, Alex is dedicated to pro bono and completes hundreds of pro bono hours each year. The cases she has handled in recent years include:

  • Successful appeal of a grant of summary judgment in a Section 1983 excessive force case, including briefing and oral argument before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. In a published decision, the Court remanded the case in part, allowing the client to have his day in court. McCoy v. Meyers, No. 17-3093 (10th Cir. 2018).
  • A week-long jury trial of the same Section 1983 excessive force case in the District of Kansas. While the jury ultimately found against Alex’s client, they deliberated for more than two hours.
  • Prosecution of a FOIA action against the U.S. Department of Justice seeking the release of certain documents in the control of the federal government.

Alex also has served as a supervising attorney for Shook’s Summer Associate program for multiple years, and mentors junior associates. 


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