Craig has successfully defended cases against some of the most renowned plaintiffs’ counsel in the U.S. The majority of his cases have involved complex legal and factual issues ranging from jurisdiction to federal preemption. He has successfully tried product liability cases involving catastrophic injuries including severe burns, quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain injury, lung cancer, and death to minors and adults. 

Craig has represented clients involved in major commercial litigation including breach of contract, unfair business practices, breach of warranty, sexual harassment, fraud, director and officers’ liability, antitrust violations, class actions, patent infringement and other business disputes. In addition, Craig has represented manufacturers before administrative agencies including the California New Motor Vehicle Board. 

Craig has had many litigation wins for his clients, including defending hundreds of asbestos cases. All of the asbestos cases were either successfully tried, won by way of dispositive motions, dismissed for a waiver of costs, or resolved for nominal sums. 

Craig’s clients have included some of the world’s best known corporations including General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Fiat, Ferrari, Sterling and Bentley. He has also been retained by insurance companies to supervise local counsel who were defending matters involving products and issues such as off-road bicycles, scuba-diving accidents, exercise equipment, premises liability, automobile accidents, slander, and assault and battery. 

For 37 years Craig was the partner/director of the Tort and Product Liability practice group at his previous law firm. 

Representative Trial Matters

Craig has successfully defended hundreds of matters. A few of his trial successes include:

Ascari v. Bentley defense verdict – injury quadriplegia – allegation defective seat. 

Be v. Toyota defense verdict – injury quadriplegia and brain injury – allegation defective roof crush. 

Burkhard v. Volkswagen – defense verdict – injury wrongful death – allegation defective restraint.

Coppo v. Connaught Laboratories – defense verdict – injury brain damages – allegation defective DPT defective vaccine.

Cveyich v. Fiat Motors defense verdict - injury multiple leg and ribs and hand injuries – allegation defective seat.

Fountain v. Volkswagen defense verdict – injury wrongful death – allegation defective door latch. 

Garayan v. Volkswagen defense verdict - injury paraplegic – allegation defective wheel bearings.

Gorne v. Laidlaw – defense verdict – injury wrongful death and abdominal injuries (subrogation action) - allegation defective restraint system.  

Hamrick v. Volkswagen – defense verdict – injury burns – allegation defectively designed vehicle. 

Hernandez Gomez v. Volkswagen – defense verdict based on federal preemption – injury paralyzed – allegation defective restraint system. 

Loayza v. Volkswagen – defense verdict – injury third degree burns – allegation defectively designed of fuel system. 

Martinez v. Volkswagen - defense verdict - injury quadriplegia – allegation defective head rest case.

McDonald v. Volkswagen – defense verdict – injury incomplete paraplegic – allegation defective steering wheel/lack of crashworthiness. 

Rogers v. State of California – defense verdict - injury quadriplegic - allegation defective wheel retention case.  

Simpson v. Volkswagen – defense verdict – injury incomplete quadriplegic/brain damage - allegation defective door latch case.

Steiner v. Pneumo Abex – defense verdict – injury lung cancer – allegation asbestos in product.

Varella v. Volkswagen – defense verdict - lemon law case. 

Yellen v. Ogner Motor Cars – defense verdict – injury brain damage and multiple fractures – allegation defective braking system.   


How can R&D help mitigate product liability risks? - A special view to the US market, Audi Praxis Seminar, January 16, 2024.