William is an experienced litigator and client counselor.  He has an extensive background in complex individual and class action litigation, and has represented and counseled clients, including Fortune 500 companies, throughout the United States and internationally.  These companies include those in the consumer products, agriculture, environmental, tobacco, medical, engineering and construction industries.

He recently rejoined Shook after serving as Assistant General Counsel for Altria Client Services Inc., where he managed and developed defense strategies for all types of litigation filed in U.S. courts against the company, including class actions.  Among his many roles as Assistant General Counsel, William had primary responsibility for identifying and preparing company executives and representatives for deposition and trial testimony.

Since returning to private practice, he has continued to work closely with company executives, employees and representatives as they are called upon to provide deposition and trial testimony.  He is regularly asked by clients to identify individuals within their companies who can effectively respond to issues arising in litigation and speak with judges and juries.  In this capacity, William participates in approximately 15 trials each year and numerous depositions of witnesses serving in a fact, expert and corporate representative (Rule 30(b)(6)) capacity.  A significant portion of his time is also spent counseling clients on risk avoidance and liability prevention.

William has successfully defended clients, at every stage of litigation, against diverse claims ranging from negligence, fraud, design defect, conspiracy, professional malpractice and strict liability to tortious interference, unfair trade practices and construction-related design/delay allegations. He has handled a wide array of complex civil disputes in various venues, including contract disputes involving architect/engineering firms with projects in Pakistan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In addition to his practice before federal and state courts, William has prosecuted and defended claims in alternative forums such as the International Chamber of Commerce and the London Court of International Arbitration.


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