Goldberg Writes on Climate Change Litigation for San Francisco Chronicle

Shook Partner Phil Goldberg has authored an article for the San Francisco Chronicle about lawsuits in which communities allege that energy companies should be liable for global climate change. "It may feel good to point the finger, but climate change is a societal issue that requires a societal solution," he argues. 
Goldberg asserts that the lawsuits are having a counterproductive effect. "Overall, the United States has made greater greenhouse-gas reductions over the past decade than any other nation. We make things cleaner here than anywhere in the world," he states. "Yet, if these lawsuits succeed and manufacturing becomes too expensive here, products will be made overseas, often where there are few to no emission standards. So, greenhouse gas emissions would be increased, climate change would be exacerbated, American families and businesses would struggle to pay their utility bills, and our economy would be devastated."