Schwartz Talks Civil Justice Reform and Malpractice Lawsuits on Ralph Nader’s Radio Hour

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Washington D.C. Partner Victor Schwartz was a guest on Ralph Nader’s Radio Hour on March 4, where he discussed major civil justice issues and tort reform.  

Schwartz, the chair of Shook’s Public Policy Practice, talks with Nader about changes he would like to see in the civil justice system, including educating the public on their rights within the court system. Schwartz also suggests sanctioning lawyers who bring baseless claims against companies and defense lawyers who confuse the process with unnecessary documents.

While Nader and Schwartz came down on different sides of many issues, the discourse was cordial and very informative. During the show, Schwartz and Nader also touched on malpractice lawsuits, specifically in health care.