Shook Partners to Participate in Legalweek 2018

Shook Partners Cary Silverman, Al Saikali, Patrick Oot, and Gary Miller will be presenting various panels for Legaltech, part of Legalweek New York.

Silverman kicks off the event, presenting a panel for Legalweek’s AI Bootcamp: "Legal Considerations of AI in Consumer Products." The panel provides insight on the current use of artificial intelligence, discusses the framework for ethical debates, and takes a look at future technologies. The panel takes place January 29, 2018.

Following Silverman, Al Saikali will present "Driving Win-Win Law Firm and Client Collaboration" later in the week as part of Legaltech. This panel hears from both corporate legal and law firms to get their perspective on the secret sauce behind win-win, mutually beneficial relationships. The panel takes place January 30, 2018.

Patrick Oot, the Board Chair for the Legaltech Advisory Board, will moderate the keynote, "The ESI of Today and the ESI of Tomorrow." The keynote examines critical issues in ESI such as changing rules and implications, ESI sources, and how to manage consumers’ privacy expectations. The keynote takes place January 31, 2018.

Gary Miller speaks for Legaltech’s Education Tracks, presenting "Beyond the Basics of Litigation Funding: A 360 Degree Perspective." This session provides a basic understanding of what litigation funding is, how it’s used, why the demand for funding is so strong, and what law firms and clients should know about the Industry’s economics. The session takes place February 1, 2018.