Shook’s Concepción Sets Sights on Miami as Global Arbitral Venue Reports Law360

Law360 spoke to Shook Partner Carlos Concepción about his new role as president of the Miami International Arbitration Society. Concepción says part of his agenda is to expand Miami’s reputation as an arbitral venue to London, Madrid and Asia, beyond Latin America as it is known currently.

“Long ago, I learned that the rising tide lifts all boats, and I think that’s true very much so in our international arbitration community,” Concepción explained to Law360. “So I don’t see it as a competition within those jurisdictions. I see it as an opportunity to grow the tide for everyone involved in this industry.”

Concepción leads the Global Arbitration Practice at Shook and also plans to work more closely with universities to “promote the production of legal papers that can be used by the judiciary when deciding on arbitration-related issues.”

“…providing certainty and finality to the parties is the ‘backbone of the entire international arbitration process. Anything that stands in the way of finality for those tribunals is an impediment to international arbitration.’”

Highly respected in his industry, Concepción joined Shook last November from one of the world's largest law firms. He concentrates his practice in the areas of financial services, design and construction, telecommunications and transnational disputes involving parties from multiple jurisdictions.