Goldberg, Behrens and Schwartz Publish "Civil Justice: Year in Review 2018"

Shook Public Policy Group Co-Chairs Phil Goldberg, Mark Behrens and Victor Schwartz have published “Civil Justice: 2018 Year in Review,” a white paper providing an overview of significant state civil justice activity. The paper provides a recap of the major civil justice, tort reform and liability issues before Congress, state legislatures and the courts. In addition, it looks ahead to key trends expected in 2019.

For almost 20 years, the Public Policy Group has worked with clients and trade associations to improve liability laws and the overall civil litigation environment. Our attorneys filed more than 30 amicus briefs last year, testified on dozens of bills being considered by state legislatures and authored cutting-edge scholarship on tort and procedural theories. 

Goldberg, Behrens, Schwartz and Shook of Counsel Chris Appel, also a member of the Public Policy group, are active members of the American Law Institute, the most influential private organization in the development of American law by courts and the publisher of the Restatements of Law.