The Legal Intelligencer Reports on Shook's New Boston Office and Philadelphia Expansion

The Legal Intelligencer interviewed Shook leadership about the firm’s decision to expand in the Northeast.  Nine attorneys who focus on environmental and toxic tort litigation will join the firm including Partner Thomas Goutman, highly regarded in his field.

“What we do is try cases around the country for large companies, and we’ll be bringing that work. That’s one of the things that attracted us to Shook, which is their national reach,” Goutman told the publication.

Partner Sean Wajert leads the Philadelphia office of Shook and has known of the group’s reputation for years.

“For Philly, it’s an office that we founded in 2012 and we’ve been looking to grow over time, and we have in onesies and twosies. But to get a solid group like this is very exciting,” he explained to The Legal Intelligencer.

Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough noted that, “Part of our strategic plan has always been to grow in the Northeast where many of our clients are located.”

The new Philadelphia attorneys include Goutman and Partners David Haase, Kim Kocher and Rosemary Schnall. Partner Richard Campbell will lead the new Boston office and be joined by Brandon Arber, Melissa Nott Davis and Stephen Hansen, of counsel, and Alan Y Wong, an associate.

Kocher and Schnall start later this month.