ALM Selects Shook BIPA Team for Runner-Up, Litigators of the Week

American Lawyer Litigation Daily selected Shook, and our co-counsel, as Runners-Up for Litigators of the Week, following an important win that may affect dozens of pending class actions relating to medication management and technology.

After a lengthy appeal process, the Illinois Supreme Court held unanimously that the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act’s health care exclusion applies to the biometric information of health care workers in addition to patients. After a string of pro-plaintiff rulings from that Court over the last few years, this is the first ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court limiting the scope of the BIPA statute. 
The Shook team includes Partner and Biometric Privacy Practice Chair Matt Wolfe, Partner Bill Northrip and Associate Kathleen Ryan.

The case is Mosby v. The Ingalls Memorial Hospital, No. 129081 2023 IL (November 30, 2023).