Zach enjoys finding efficient, creative solutions to complex business problems. He works extensively with breach-of-contract and breach-of-warranty claims, and he defends companies in banking litigation, business tort lawsuits, appeals and class actions brought under antitrust and consumer protection laws. Zach has successfully defended clients in MDLs and other complex litigation involving various products and sales practices. He has also represented clients in high-stakes business arbitration and FINRA disputes, and his business  litigation experience covers claims and defenses in several technical areas of law, including:

  • non-compete and non-solicitation agreements;
  • the Uniform Commercial Code;
  • the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act;
  • the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act; 
  • the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; and
  • various antitrust and consumer protection laws.

Representative Matters

Zach is a skilled trial attorney with multiple first-chair experiences, but his principal goal is to win cases before they get to trial. He has helped his clients favorably resolve litigation early in the legal process, including:

Denial of class certification. Zach has defeated putative class actions before they are certified, saving his clients time and money. His results include defeating certification of proposed classes of FACTA plaintiffs in the Western District of Missouri and the Eastern District of Kentucky (Gist v. Pilot Travel Centers, LLC, 2013 WL 4068788 (E.D. Ky. Aug. 12, 2013)).

Summary judgment. Zach has successfully resolved litigation before trial by obtaining summary judgment on a host of claims, including:

Dismissal on the pleadings. Zach has successfully dismissed, with prejudice, inventive tort and contract theories, including:

  • multiple antitrust lawsuits alleging conspiracy to bribe government contractors;
  • FACTA and negligence claims alleging the defendant failed to mask credit card receipts, encrypt credit card data and protect consumer credit card information generally; and
  • contract and tortious interference claims alleging improper poaching of employees. Quality Resources, Inc. v. Pfizer, Inc., 622 Fed. Appx. 606 (8th Cir. 2015) (affirming dismissal).

Appeal. When necessary, Zach has helped clients appeal decisions. In the Kansas Court of Appeals, he successfully argued for reversal of a district court order denying his request for attorney fees as a prevailing party. (Curo Enterprises, LLC v. Dunes Residential Services, Inc., No. 111,191, 2015 Kan. App. LEXIS 1 (Kan. App. Jan. 2, 2015)). He also obtained reversal of an order terminating his client’s parental rights (In re Adoption of Baby Girl P., 291 Kan. 424, 242 P.3d 1168 (2010)). In another case, the Tenth Circuit reversed a federal district court ruling that found no standing to seek injunctive relief. Zach’s work in that case was nominated for recognition by the 2015 Green Bag Almanac & Reader as a piece of exemplary legal writing (Petrella v. Brownback, 697 F.3d 1285 (10th Cir. 2012)).

Settlement. When a settlement is best outcome for his clients, Zach negotiates favorable settlements to resolve litigation, often by leveraging the best dispositive argument. In one case, Zach defended clients against multiple consumer class actions alleging the companies failed to disclose whether pollen was removed from their honey products during processing. Zach and the team obtained favorable settlements after developing a preemption argument that was instrumental in the dismissal of several related cases.


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