Alec focuses his practice on intellectual property law. He has a significant background in patent work related to scientific innovations. At the University of Missouri’s Office of Technology Management, he prepared marketing and patentability assessments for university inventions. 

During law school, Alec was a judicial intern for the Hon. Mary Rhodes Russell, Judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri.

While working on his master’s degree in chemistry, Alec researched defect physics in solar cells and helped developed novel spectroscopic methods using thermal deflection of light; he also taught undergraduate courses in advanced physical chemistry, thermodynamics and general chemistry. Alec received a National Science Foundation REU Fellowship for work on photophysical behaviors of molecules using fluorimetry.

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Random Lasing in Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite Microcrystal Networks, Applied Physics Letters (2014) (with Rijul Dhanker, Allysa Brigeman, Robert J. Stewart, John B. Asbury and Noel C. Giebink).