Recognized as a top practitioner for multiple years in Privacy & Data Security in Chambers USA and Chambers Global, Colman advises clients across the country on their obligations under both domestic and international privacy and data security laws, including all 50 state data breach notification laws, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Privacy Rights Act, Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, Colorado Privacy Act, Utah Consumer Privacy Act, Connecticut’s comprehensive privacy law, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA/HITECH, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, CAN-SPAM, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the GDPR. He focuses on providing practical advice that goes beyond simple compliance with the letter of the law, to understand the unique circumstances and considerations for each client, having worked with government, private industry and nonprofit entities nationwide. 

When clients face front-end compliance obligations, they turn to Colman for advice on the drafting and implementation of both internal and consumer-facing policies and procedures, including privacy policies, terms of use and incident response plans. Colman also regularly advises on the drafting and negotiation of vendor contracts, data-transfer agreements, and HIPAA limited data-set agreements.

Colman regularly directs cybersecurity incident-response matters ranging from ransomware attacks to business-email compromise to employee theft of information to HIPAA risk assessments. Whether overseeing forensic investigations, preparing and delivering notifications, or responding to regulator inquiries, he helps guides entities through the uncertain waters of their legal obligations.

Colman is also an experienced litigator, with a broad background in general commercial matters, copyright and trademark, strict product liability and antitrust, and with significant experience in patent litigation. He has represented major technology companies in courts around the country in the areas of wireless communications, semiconductors and software. On numerous occasions he has helped clients achieve favorable outcomes through dismissal and summary judgment, and has prevailed in a number of discovery disputes that went before the court.

Colman has devoted substantial time to pro bono representation as well. His pro bono work has included privacy and data security advice for a world-renowned art museum, trademark protection for a major NGO, and representation in asylum, landlord-tenant, and abuse and neglect matters.

Outside of his client practice, Colman is the author of a bi-weekly newsletter tracking state privacy legislation that (somewhat mystifyingly) has been hailed as “pure genius”—by someone other than Colman himself, no less. He also makes frequent speaking and media appearances, helping to educate clients, legal professionals and the general public on a broad range of privacy and data-security issues. He is an active member of The Sedona Conference® Working Group 11: Data Security and Privacy Liability and the International Association of Privacy Professionals. And he previously served as Executive Director for the Johnson County First Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping educate high school students on the importance of the First Amendment, the Constitution and civics in general.

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