Shook Lawyers Guide Clients Through International Product Recalls in Getting the Deal Through: Product Recall 2020

Shook Partners Alison Newstead, Devin Ross and Scott Kaiser edited the 2020 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Product Recall. In addition to authoring the European Overview and the United Kingdom - England & Wales chapter, Newstead worked with Partner Harley Ratliff to write the Global Overview. Ross and Kaiser contributed the U.S. chapter.

“Acting swiftly and effectively is crucial in a potential recall situation, and understanding your global legal obligations and how to meet them can be complex, said Newstead, partner in Shook's London office. “The 2020 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Product Recall is an essential and user-friendly guide to managing international recalls.

In the publication, Kaiser, Newstead and Ross share their extensive recall knowledge and provide practical tips in managing recalls in the U.K. and U.S., alongside lawyers from 12 other key jurisdictions. A useful overview of global and European recall trends is also provided, with additional insights from Ratliff.

“Ensuring that clients comply with global recall requirements and meet regulatory deadlines is crucial,” said U.S. Partner Kaiser. “This publication is a great reference tool for understanding such obligations and ensuring that the recall process runs smoothly.”

Getting the Deal Through is updated annually to address questions on product recall in the global sphere. Newstead, Ratliff and Ross have edited and contributed chapters to the publication several times, including the 2019, 2018, 2016 and 2015 editions.