Shook Sponsors Data Business Congress, Eppenauer Moderates Panel

Shook is a sponsor of the Data Business Congress in San Jose, California, February 3-4. The inaugural event is addressing the latest intelligence and analysis of key data issues confronting companies in the wake of 5G rollout and the evolving of the Internet of Things, and opportunities and risks with data value creation, best practices for conserving and defending data, using data to drive efficiency and value and how data can transform the bottom line for companies.

Shook Seattle’s Managing Partner Bart Eppenauer is moderating the panel, “Dealing in Data,” February 4, on the growing interest in data as an asset class which can be bundled, bought, sold and licensed. The panel will discuss transacting in data and the potential for companies to get ahead in the race for data value creation. Panel members will discuss deals being done and how the market is evolving.