Bart Eppenauer rejoined Shook after serving as Microsoft’s chief patent counsel for more than a decade. In that role, Bart led the Patent Group in the Legal and Corporate Affairs department, where he developed Microsoft’s patent portfolio of more than 35,000 issued patents worldwide and managed a team of more than 100 patent professionals offering patent counseling and product development support across all of Microsoft’s business and research divisions. Under Bart's guidance, Microsoft’s high-quality patent portfolio resulted in an extremely successful IP licensing program and received top rankings in IEEE Spectrum, BusinessWeek and The Patent Board.

Bart's practice at Shook focuses on strategic IP counseling and analysis, pre-­litigation and litigation strategy, complex multilateral IP transactions and license agreements and IP policy advocacy. Bart has extensive experience in IP transactions and scenarios, including product development agreements; patent licensing (including patent pools); open source software licensing; usage and contributions; industry standards usage, participation and contributions; strategic alliances, joint development and collaboration agreements; and due diligence involving IP asset evaluation.

He works closely with government and judicial officials, academics and industry leaders worldwide on IP policy issues, including ongoing judicial and legislative patent reform efforts. Bart was also counsel of record and co-authored U.S. Supreme Court amicus briefs filed on behalf of the Intellectual Property Owners Association in WesternGeco v. ION Geophysical (2018), Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee (2016) and Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank (2014).

Bart is a frequent author and speaker on a range of IP issues, with particular expertise in patent subject matter eligibility of computer implemented inventions. He is the creator and lead author of Cloud IPQ – Enhancing Your Cloud IP IQ, and is a regular IAM blog contributor and had the most-read stories of both 2014 and 2015. He has also been published and quoted in Inside Counsel, Morning Consult, Law360, Patently­-O, Managing Intellectual Property and IP Watchdog.

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