Shook Earns Practice Group of the Year for Cybersecurity and Privacy

Law360 has chosen Shook’s Privacy and Data Security Practice and Biometric Privacy Practice as among its Practice Groups of the Year for 2021. The Shook teams are recognized for excellence demonstrated in landmark wins that have influenced cybersecurity and privacy legislation and litigation. 

Privacy and Data Security Practice Chair Al Saikali provided thought leadership that helped to shape Florida law, and earlier last year prevented the legislature from adopting what would have been the most onerous privacy law in the country. Shook’s testimony to the Florida Senate and meetings with the executive branch helped demonstrate the risk to most Florida businesses if the HB 969 were to become law. Ultimately, HB 969 did not become law. 

Shook is also a leader in state wiretap (session replay) litigation, obtaining the first Florida federal court decisions on the application of Florida’s wiretap law to the use of session replay technology. Following the decisions, plaintiffs’ lawyers sought voluntary dismissals of their session replay cases and the decisions also affected the law favorably to businesses sued in other jurisdictions. 

Shook’s designation as a national leader in data privacy compliance and litigation defense comes with the recognition that the firm has represented more than 130 companies in biometric privacy class action lawsuits—more than any other law firm in the United States, according to court records. Shook has helped shape rulings concerning the Biometric Illinois Privacy Act (BIPA), to protect client interests and represent fair and equitable legal proceedings. 

“Our BIPA appellate strategy and how we have implemented it has significantly impacted BIPA litigation, providing one of the few clear paths to victory for BIPA defendants,” stated Biometric Privacy Practice Partner Melissa Siebert.

Along with the specific areas mentioned, Shook is recognized for excelling in providing data breach litigation, incident response, incident readiness and global privacy compliance services to clients.

The Privacy and Data Security Practice includes Al Saikali, Josh Becker, Colman McCarthy, Jennifer McLoone, Camila Tobon, Tammy Webb, Matthew Wolfe, Jonathan Wilson, Gabriel Franca, Josh Hansen, Shane Kolding, Brandon Large, Kate Paine and William Walberg

The Biometric Privacy Practice includes Melissa Siebert, Amy Cho, Bill Northrip, Erin Bolan Hines, Justin Donoho, Ian Hansen, Jenn Hatcher, Liz Hutchinson, Katie Jackson, Ambria Mahomes, Yara Rashad, Kathleen Ryan and Maveric Searle