Parties advancing novel liability theories often seek to turn courtrooms into legislative forums. When facing litigation with industrywide ramifications, the manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and ordnance require counsel who are well-versed not only in alternative legal strategies but also public relations and risk management.

A leader in the defense of regulated products, Shook, Hardy & Bacon provides innovative solutions honed over decades representing major players in tobacco, alcohol and firearms. We have long partnered with gun makers in high-stakes litigation alleging design defects, novel nuisance claims, and negligent marketing and distribution practices. These companies have also called on Shook to handle complex recalls and new regulatory challenges.

Representative Matters

Shook defeated two landmark cases before the Illinois Supreme Court, which rejected public nuisance claims seeking to hold gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers responsible for the misuse of legally manufactured and sold firearms. If decided differently, such claims could have extended to other legal products, such as automobiles and cellphones.

Remington Arms

Shook serves as national counsel for Remington Arms in Florida, Missouri and Washington class actions involving an alleged defect in the Remington Model 700 Rifle with a Walker Fire Control Trigger Mechanism. Assisting with the international recall of approximately 150,000 rifles in 64 countries on every continent except Antarctica, we have worked with regulatory agencies, selected and instructed in-country counsel for purposes of regulatory notification, and advised Remington on the execution of the recall.

Smith & Wesson

Shook served as national counsel for Smith & Wesson in industrywide litigation brought by more than 30 localities and by individuals. We acted as trial counsel in a six-week trial in federal court in New York City. Judgment was entered in favor of all defendants after the trial.

General Dynamics

We represented subsidiaries of General Dynamics in product liability cases involving alleged defects in munitions and weapon systems manufactured for the U.S. military. Our attorneys also served as trial counsel in a federal court case regarding the premature detonation of an 81-mm mortar cartridge.