Paul practices intellectual property law with a focus on patent prosecution. In this effort, Paul practices across a wide variety of technologies and counsels clients on the management of large national and international patent portfolios. 

Paul has drafted more than 100 applications including provisional and non-provisional utility applications and design applications. His primary technological focus has been on software, including artificial intelligence and machine-learning systems, object identification and image manipulation; e-commerce and financial technologies; unmanned systems, including software and hardware for unmanned aerial vehicles and other autonomous systems; database management and search systems; supply chain and manufacturing systems; and electronic medical devices and records software. Having a substantial proficiency in software and computer systems, Paul has extensive experience with issues involving patentable subject matter defined by 35 U.S.C. § 101. His chemical practice has included hydraulic fracturing proppants, dermal use compositions and other compositions for treating humans and animals. 

Many of Paul’s cases are also filed internationally. Paul manages non-domestic patent applications through foreign counsel in Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, Mexico, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. 

In addition to portfolio management and counseling, Paul’s other work has included preparing invalidity and infringement opinions, preparing patentability opinions, conducting due diligence assessments of patent portfolios, counseling on issues related to assurances of essential patent claims covering industry standards, leading inventor groups in patent forwarding and harvesting sessions, and conducting research and preparing memoranda on various IP-related issues. 

As a senior level associate, Paul manages junior attorneys in drafting and prosecuting patents domestically and internationally. 

Paul is active in pro bono representation. He has assisted in all aspects of a large, ongoing federal § 1983 litigation involving a police department and its practices. Paul has tried cases in state family court and represented criminal defendants, including a criminal defendant indicted on numerous felony threat charges.

Before joining Shook, Paul interned in the intellectual property and trade secrets division of a global silicone-products manufacturer and externed with the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, where he drafted patent applications involving material science, radar technology, three-dimensional printing, and defense systems. He has also been published and has presented on his research findings in inorganic chemistry, including the synthesis of lanthanide and actinide compounds. 

Before attending law school, Paul served as a sheriff’s deputy in Kansas. 


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