Paul practices intellectual property law with a focus on patents. His work includes prosecuting patent applications, drafting patentability opinions, and advising on licensing agreements. Paul utilizes his background in chemistry and business to understand his clients’ products and how clients can maximize the value of their patent portfolio. Before joining Shook, he interned in the intellectual property and trade secrets division of a global silicone-products manufacturer and externed with the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, where he drafted patent applications involving material science and radar technology. He has also been published and presented on his research findings in inorganic chemistry, including the synthesis of lanthanide and actinide compounds.

Before attending law school, Paul served as a sheriff’s deputy in Kansas after graduating first in his basic training class. He drafted criminal reports to assist the county attorney with prosecutions, testified in court proceedings, drafted and executed warrants and served civil process.


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