Source - Food & Beverage Litigation Update | Issue 748

Trader Joe’s 12 Grain Crackers Contain Less Grain Than Expected, Plaintiff Argues

A plaintiff has filed a lawsuit asserting that Trader Joe’s misleads consumers by using “enriched flour” as the predominant ingredient in its 12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers. Rosenfeld v. Trader Joe’s Co., No. 20-3717 (E.D.N.Y., filed August 14, 2020). “The representations are misleading because the Product contains (1) a de minimis amount of the 12 grain blend, (2) less of the 12 grain blend than consumers expect and (3) predominantly [] enriched white flour,” the plaintiff argues. “This is revealed through the fine print of the ingredient list, indicating ‘enriched flour’ is the predominant flour, listed far ahead of the 12 grain blend (‘Multigrain Flour Blend’).”

The plaintiff argues that the product’s “common or usual name” should include the “percentage of the characterizing 12 grain blend ingredient” because “the proportion of this ingredient ‘has a material bearing on price or consumer acceptance or when the labeling or the appearance of the food may otherwise create an erroneous impression that’ more of the 12 grain blend is present in an amount greater than is actually the case.” The plaintiff seeks class certification, injunctive relief, damages, costs and expenses for alleged violations of New York’s consumer-protection statute and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act along with fraud, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment.

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