Source - Food & Beverage Litigation Update | Issue 769

Consumer Alleges “Veggie” Products Lack Vegetables

A plaintiff has filed a putative class action alleging that Kellogg Sales Co. misleads consumers as to the quantity of vegetables in its MorningStar “Veggie” products, including “Veggie Burgers,” “Veggie Dogs,” “Veggitizers” and “Veggie Chik’n.” Kennard v. Kellogg Sales Co., No. 21-7211 (N.D. Cal., filed September 17, 2021). Kellogg represents its products as “Veggie,” the complaint asserts, “but this representation is false or at least highly misleading because the predominant non-water ingredient in all of the Veggie Products is not vegetables—or even vegetable-based—but instead, grain or oil.”

The consumer also argues that the “Veggie” products violate California law “by using product names that include the term ‘VEGGIE’ while failing to disclose the percentage of vegetables in the products, which have a material bearing on the price and consumer acceptance of the Veggie Products.” The plaintiff alleges violations of California consumer-protection statutes as well as breach of warranties and seeks class certification, a corrective advertising campaign, destruction of misleading labels and materials, restitution, damages and attorney’s fees.

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