Shook IP Team Named Law360 Legal Lion for Helping Sprint Prevail in Voice-over-IP Patent Dispute

Law360 has named Shook, Hardy & Bacon Top Legal Lion of the Week for its representation of Sprint in a lawsuit alleging that Time Warner Cable infringed a portfolio of Voice-over-IP patents.

According to Law360 and Bloomberg Technology, a federal jury found that Time Warner Cable infringed all 19 asserted claims from five Sprint patents and awarded Sprint nearly $140 million in damages. The jury also found that Time Warner Cable’s infringement was willful.

Sprint is represented by Shook attorneys B. Trent Webb, Peter Strand, Rob Reckers, Ryan Dykal, Aaron Hankel, John Garretson and Lauren Douville

Sprint Communications Company, L.P. v. Time Warner Cable, Inc., et al., Civ. Action No. 2:11-cv-02686-JWL (D. Kan.).