Shook Launches "Cloud IPQ" Blog Focused on IP Issues Affecting Cloud Computing Companies

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Intellectual Property Partners Bart Eppenauer and Kelly Feimster, along with Associates Heather Hedeen and George Ngengwe, have launched a new blog dedicated to the intersection of cloud computing and intellectual property. Cloud IPQ: Enhancing Your Cloud IP IQ will cover a range of cloud computing IP issues, with an emphasis on the increasing number of patent lawsuits filed against cloud computing companies.

"As more companies move their own technologies and services to the cloud, or utilize cloud technology and services from other providers, this is an issue that deserves attention," notes Eppenauer. "It’s likely no surprise that major cloud companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle face a large number of patent lawsuits on their cloud offerings.  But what might be surprising is the growing number of patent lawsuits filed against dozens of other companies that one might not immediately categorize as a 'cloud company' but have been sued for offering their Software as a Service (SaaS).  Our research indicates that hundreds of such patent lawsuits have been filed over the last five years.  And many other patent lawsuits have been filed against customers for their use of cloud services from other providers."

With its in-depth reporting and analysis on cloud computing law, Cloud IPQ aims to become the leading destination for insights and information on cloud IP cases, and to raise awareness and offer guidance on the need for an IP strategy focused on the cloud.