Shook Partners Speak on Patents at IPWatchdog Virtual CON2020

Shook Intellectual Property Partners Bart Eppenauer, Sharon Israel and John Garretson are speakers at the “IPWatchdog Virtual CON2020” conference taking place over 11 days this month. The conference will be addressing the legal issues innovators, creators and brand owners face in monetizing and protecting their proprietary creations.
Eppenauer will be speaking at the event, “High-Tech Patent Litigation Trends 101 and the Return of Competitor Lawsuits,” September 14, 2:15 p.m. ET (1:15 p.m. CT), addressing software and cloud patent issues. He will return September 30 to present at the virtual roundtable, “Solutions for the U.S. Patent System,” again at 2:15 p.m. ET (1:15 p.m. CT), to discuss the decline in U.S. patent applications vs. the increase in patent applications abroad, and solutions that policymakers and legislators can and should be adopting to reverse this trend. 

Israel was a panelist for, “Litigating Patents in Texas: Trends, Best Practices and Differences Between Districts,” which explored the realities of patent litigation in Texas. Garretson presented, “Hatch-Waxman & IPR: How Did We Get Here?” as an introduction to a panel discussion on generic drugs and patents.  

All conference sessions are free with registration required, and many are CLE-eligible.