Whether navigating a complex global product recall or a health and safety incident at work, companies operating in the United Kingdom must manage myriad sensitive issues, including supply chain logistics, labeling compliance, directors' and officers' personal liabilities, employee and family liaison, media interest, and personal injury claims. Shook, Hardy & Bacon's niche focus on U.K. and European health and safety regulations means that our clients can rely on the sharpest regulatory advice for their businesses and their industry sectors.

Product Oversight Agencies 

When it comes to product regulation, the U.K. government authorizes several agencies—including the Food Standards Agency, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Trading Standards Authority, and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency—to oversee labeling and advertising compliance, consumer safety, and industry notices and recalls.

To help clients minimize their exposure to product liability claims and government  actions, we regularly monitor consumer law regulation and enforcement throughout the European Union and beyond. This information is used to guide our clients through consultation processes and advise on the commercial impact of new laws. We work closely with clients to ensure that common pitfalls are avoided and matters are resolved quickly within the appropriate legal framework. 

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

In the event of a workplace incident, we are immediately accessible and provide our clients with practical crisis management support, based on many years of experience handling health and safety accidents, investigations and prosecutions. During any internal and external health and safety investigation, we work with clients to liaise with HSE and other inspectors, police and coroners, advising in interviews under caution, attending inquests and representing clients in both Magistrates' Courts and the Crown Court.